Dave Hassell Brazilian Project

Excited to announce the start of new project ‘Dave Hassell Brazilian Project’

It will be featuring some of the music of great Brazilian composers and musicians

‘Airto – Hermeto – Joao Bosco - Sergio Mendes – Ivan Lins – Egberto Gismoni – Antonio Carlos Jobim –Elis Regina to name a few.’

Stylistically we be drawing on the many grooves of Brazil such as Samba, Bossa Nova, Partido Alto, Chorinho, Frevo, Baiao etc they will be performed with a strong jazz influence but with great respect for there tradition.

The band will vary in size from gig to gig depending on the venue and budget available, however there will be a core of players such as Andy Scott, Paul Kilvington, Ken Marley that will be heavily featured and occasionally the wonderful Orli Nyles on vocals.




Dave Hassell’s collective of musicians and music centered around the Duo’s of ‘ Dave Hassell & Andy Scott & ‘Dave Hassell & Nic Svarc’ with the option of inviting other performer to join them, resulting in an eclectic variety of music with the emphasis on improvisation, textures, sound scape, groove and straight ahead swing with no constraints on where it’s going

Dave Hassell's Latin Project '2018'

Dave Hassell's Latin Project

D rawing upon the music of Apitos and DHBP we are bringing together the eclectic stylesof the Brazilian and Cuban experience, the band consist of some of the most creativemusicians in the U.K.

Dave Hassell: Kit and Percussion - Andy Scott: Saxes - Paul Kilvington: Keyboard –

Stevie Williams : Bass - Jack McCarthy: Percussion

P laying the music of:

Tito Puente , Airto , Hermeto , Joao Bosco , Mongo Santarmaria , Charlie Parker ,

Monk , Carla Bley , Herbie Mann

plus some original material, the emphasiswill be focused on improvisation and melody with a sensitive percussive feel.




Hassell / Whitehead / Berry

Steve Berry – double bass

Dave Hassell – drum kit, percussion

Tim Whitehead – tenor saxophone

'He, [ Whitehead], is a prodigious tenor player whose graceful compositions always rise above the mere technicalities of the conservatoire... amid the crowd of anonymous, garrulous and hard-edged tenor saxophonists, Tim Whitehead's music is marked by a sense of grace and economy.’ Clive Davis - The Times

The combined playing CVs of this trio covers a staggeringly wide base, stretching back over 40 years (more, probably). Pretty much anything imaginable is in there, with all those many and diverse strands spiralling inward towards uniting all three of them around the core activity of improvisation and handmade, homemade music. Jazz is the touchstone of course, but expect to hear many other interesting and challenging influences going into this heady brew. Tim Whitehead and Steve Berry first played together in 1981, at a time when Whitehead had already established his personal and powerfully communicative saxophone-playing voice in Ian Carr's Nucleus, Graham Collier Music and his own band (s). Berry was just starting out at that point and luckily for him, Whitehead was already in the Art Blakey-esque habit of both checking out, and giving opportunity to, new arrivals on the scene. Many gigs and several years later this eventually led to them both working alongside each other in the highly revered big band, Loose Tubes. Moving to the North West at the end of 1988, Steve Berry met and worked alongside Dave Hassell in many ventures, most frequently in accompanying trios for touring US soloists, with Hassell contributing his legendary drumming skills. They also worked together in Jazz Summer Schools at Glamorgan and Burnley. They have been on a long promise to one day collaborate together on a musical project away from their 'sideman' roles, something that has finally arrived in the form of this trio with Tim Whitehead. Such a project allows more scope for Hassell’s incredible breadth of hand percussion skills to be subtly worked in alongside his kit work, something he is uniquely gifted to do. 'Whitehead glides ethereally into his phrases like a jazzier Jan Garbarek at times, although the playing is often stronger.' John Fordham - The Guardian

‘W hen he was involved with Loose Tubes and running groups of his own in London in the late 1980s, bassist Steve Berry distinguished himself as an original composer and a strong ensemble player. And his light still shines, Berry's long-lined, patiently-developed and intricately zigzagging melodies often recall his (and Django Bates's) early pieces for Loose Tubes…’ John Fordham – The Guardian

Stevie Williams Most Wanted Band

Stevie Williams Most Wanted Band

New Album Available Now - Click to listen
"Pockets Full of Gold" available worldwide on iTunes and all stores
12 tracks of skillfully crafted songs with a brilliant Country, Americana feel.
"This band have Zelig like skills, tapping into a range of vintage sounds and all with an authentically down home swamp feel. They know how to blend momentous melodies, wistful thinking & insightful lyrics over skilfully crafted songs infused with impressive guitar and lap-steel guitar licks. Their style seamlessly personifies blending roots music with a high sense of entertainment. Touches of psychedelia just add to their quirky appeal."
'Great voice and great songs' - Ruf Records
Released on Time On Earth Records T.O.E. 14
Musicians :
Stevie Williams : Markie Creswell : Dave Hassell : Billy Buckley : Clive Mellor
Andy Scott Dave Hassell Duo

Andy Scott Dave Hassell Duo

This duo represents two open minded musicians who are prepared to explore, experiment and create music for percussion and saxophone. From initially recorded improvisations the duo then develops and idea which eventually becomes a new work. Alongside original compositions are arrangements of music by, for example, Astor Piazzolla, Thelonious Monk and folk music from Egypt, Bulgaria and South America.

The sound world which the duo has created is unusual and arresting for the listener: multi phonics, to berimbau with soprano saxophone, as well as the more conventional tenor saxophone and drums. Dave and Andy's combined musical experiences ensure that a truly diverse and undefinable repertoire is stated, crossing the boundaries of jazz, world, classical and contemporary music.

'Sand Dancer' is an intimate reflection of both Dave and Andy's musical experiences. Ranging from the free improvisations of 'As it happened' to arrangements of jazz standards 'Django', 'My One & Only Love' and 'Moanin' through to original compositions such as 'Otria', 'Sand Dancer' and 'The Light that Falls', the duo display musical versatility, empathy and honesty.

As well as developing its own identity the duo aims to undertake collaborative projects with people from all areas of the arts. Often, in conjunction with performances, they present entertaining and informative workshops, introducing audiences to the duo's music then working on specifically relevant areas to the individual situation, eg improvisation, composition, performance techniques.

Check out Andy's website at



The joyful sounds and rhythms of Latin America pervade the music of Apitos, whether it's the clavé inspired dance rhythms of rumba, cha cha cha, mambo, songo or the happy feeling of calypso, plena and the beauty of samba batucada, frevo and baiao. The band draws on material from the latin jazz arrangements of Tito Puente, Poncho Sanchez, Pete Escovedo, as well as original compositions specially commissioned for the band, with percussion and improvisation to the fore.

Apitos, founded by Dave Hassell in 1984, began with regular gigs at the Band on the Wall and have since established themselves as one of this country's leading Latin American ensembles regularly playing to packed audiences throughout the UK. They are also very much in demand for festivals and often invite guest artists to perform with the band, such as Birger Sulsbruck, Claude Deppa and Victor Mendoza.

With the emphasis on authentic Latin American rhythms plus a rich variety of meaningful arrangements and space for the soloist, the music is essentially joyful and really swings. In the words of one critic: "the overwhelming impression is that they are having fun and can communicate this to the audience - for once a jazz club full of happy smiling faces - it could be said - a good time was had by all.